Low Testosterone in Men

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by: Whitney Deckard This occurs for many different reasons. One of the largest being that of age. As a man ages his testosterone gradually decreases. This can start as early as age 30. Some of the causes are undescended testicles, an injury to the scrotum, therapy for cancer, general aging, mumps orchitis, certain chromosomal abnormalities, and problems with the pituitary gland. Also, obesity can play a huge role in your testosterone levels. Common signs of low testosterone in men are erectile dysfunction, decreased libido(sex drive), loss of muscle mass and strength, depression, loss of energy and decreased feeling of well-being, and noticeable decrease in penis and testicle size. Symptoms of low testosterone in men depends on when the low levels occur. These are some of the things that can be experienced: infertility, decreased sexual desire and function, erectile dysfunction, hair loss, decreased muscle mass and possible osteoporosis. The only way to determine if you have low testosterone is to see your doctor for labs and then let him/her recommend therapy. Resources: OnHealth.com Healthline.com

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